What is Blog Frames?

Blog Frames come when the need of customization of blog post is high. Standard interface of posting only gives you information. Interface will add the theme, situation, time or even emotion. That’s why Blog Frames exist.

“How do you express your post using Blog Frames ? ”

Blog Frames comes so handy. Just copy and paste the code in every frames into your HTML editor post. Edit the text and voilaa!! Your post just looks like your expectation.

Or you like working in visual style ? Why don’t you just block the frames with your mouse, copy blocked area and paste it into your posting editor. Once again, congratulation! Your posting is as pretty as you can imagine!

This is beta version BlogFrames. This BlogFrames work well in wordpress in white background. The version on blogger is still under development.

Want to try and stick with us ?

Best view :

Mozilla Firefox, white background


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Loki Dan Says:

    Hi There… after watch blogframes, I had an idea to create a blogframes too, i also created a blogframes code generator (still apha version yet).

    Anyway thanks for blogframes that give me an idea how to customize blog on wordpress engine.

    here my blog http://blog.z–e–r–o.com (my blog still beta version)

  2. blogframes Says:

    Hello Loki Dan

    It is good that you create your own BlogFrames. Keep the good work…You can share your BlogFrames to other blogger.

  3. munggur Says:

    Thanks for both of you. Making our WordPress blog more colorful than before.

  4. blogframes Says:

    Hello Munggur! Your blogframes is amazingly wonderful.

  5. blogframes Says:

    Hello Loki Dan …and everyone!

    BlogFrames is also can be used for creating customized layout for any text article in websites. You can use BlogFrames for your post (or PostFrames :D) , your article in any webpages builder or CMS or forum such as PHPBB, joomla, mambo and every web application which supports HTML Editor (for example you said Friendster :)). Or even you can create layout for your Email! Web Email services such as Yahoo! and Gmail supports Rich HTML Message which you can create BlogFrames over your messages.

  6. Hafiz Rahman Says:

    This is a great idea! I just found this from a friend and I should say congratulations for creating this! 🙂

  7. mulut Says:


    Cool bro thanks a lot, i’ve used some of your blog fames on my blogs. But please would you like to make all of your blog frame top and bottom images are customizable (especially in their width) so that every dummies bloggers like me could fit it onto our main page width.

    Just like your bottom image in Night Mind frame.

    btw … thanks.

  8. Muwahhidin Firdaus Says:

    Good blog…


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